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Silvertung - But, At What Cost??!

Review by Shawn Brandon

Silvertung - (But, At What Cost??!)

If you're not familiar with Silvertung, just wait, you will be shortly. Silvertung - But, At What Cost??! is set to be released on Feb 15th through Thermal Entertainment and when it drops you will see this bands name everywhere.

I really love the tone and songwriting on this CD, it has a heavy groove laden path that really hits hard straight out of the gate. Heavy melodic vocals, grooving heavy guitars, and thundering drums and bass.

This CD has everything you're looking for in a heavy modern rock release. Fans of Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin and Godsmack this is the CD you wished they had released. The band consists of vocalist - Speed, guitarist - Cody Red, bassist - S. Sours, and drummer - Danno.

Tracks that really stand out (and it was very hard to narrow it down, as they're all great) are Dodging Bullets, World Gone Mad, Black Sunset and Done My Best.

I'm calling it right now that (But, At What Cost??!") will be one of the top modern rock releases of 2019 having already landing on Billboard and Foundation charts!

Make sure you catch them on tour and check out their website for news and updates.

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