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Get Rocking With The New Release From Silvertung

Baltimore-based metal band, Silvertung are preparing to release their new studio album "(But, At What Cost??!)" on February 15th, through Thermal Entertainment LLC. The new seven-song release opens with the thunderous juggernaut "Dodging Bullets," as Silvertung waste no time establishing themselves as one of the premier rising metal bands in the U.S. The album continues with the guitar buzz of "Feel Inhuman" and the chugging rhythm of "World Gone Mad," as Silvertung continue to impress with each new release. There are no fillers on this new release, as each song could become a staple on modern hard rock/heavy metal radio, beginning with the album's lead single "Done My Best." To find out more about Silvertung and their latest release.

Silvertung (But, At What Cost??!)

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